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We believe that the cloud should not be hard to use, be expensive or hold your business captive. Focus on building things that matter, our infrastructure makes everything

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Count on us to help you with a complex infrastructure toolkit, that streamlines your project, making everything incredibly easy to deploy monitor and manage.

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Multiple clouds? No problem, you can have your infrastructure across multiple continents in multiple datacenters at the same time seamlessly.

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We remove the risk of migrating in and out of any cloud and getting into a vendor lock-in situation. SWAZM integrates the most popular cloud providers into one seamless integrated solution that manages your infrastructure without a dedicated DevOps team.

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A fast-paced project needs both flexibility and speed. By using automated CI/CD pipelines, you avoid making manual errors, have access to standardized feedback loops at whichever project stage, and also allow for fast product iterations. Advance with ease, relying on predetermined actions that take the hassle out of app deployment.

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Oversee all your application deployments with ease within the same platform. Have access to the latest service logs, traffic data access plus measurement, CPU utilization monitoring, network monitoring. Make sure your cloud-based project develops smoothly. Integrate with seamless building tools, for your optimal developer management platform.

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When aiming to optimize resource use, minimize response time, and avoid overload of a single resource, SWAZM is doing all the work for you. Just add more compute power from the same or a different cloud provider and SWAZM will equally distribute the workload across your servers.

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Fine-tune operations and deployment iterations with one-click command-line access from any browser, anywhere, with an internet connection. Troubleshoot and run extra commands or services.

Deploy Anything with OneClick

OneClick. That’s all it takes to deploy the most known application services through SWAZM. Depending on your needs, you can choose from the items below to quickstart your projects.

Experience worldwide availability in over 139 Data Centers

You can choose from a wide range of available locations across public clouds and partners while keep a close focus on the region you wish to deliver optimal speed and performance to your visitors.

DONU1New York City, United States
DOLU1London, United Kingdom
DOTC1Toronto, Canada
VUSU1Silicon Valley, United States
VUFG1Frankfurt, Germany
VUPF1Paris, France
AZHA1Hong Kong, Asia
AZTJ1Tokyo, Saitama,  Japan East
AZIE1 Ireland, Europe North
AWUA1 Ashburn, Vancouver
AWRB1 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
AWAA1 Aires, Argentina
GCJA1 Jackson County, Alabama
GCLN1 Lenoir, North Carolina
GCFD1 Fredericia, Denmark

DevOPS free management

Manage the way the infrastructure is deployed in a simpler way, not having to employ a dedicated developer team.

Beta Launch

Get access to developer beta and take part in shaping SWAZM platform