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Decentralizing Cloud Computing and Making It More User-Accessible

We are all users in a system that centralizes data, acting as a gatekeeper to the basic functions our society is built upon: communication, trade, health, finance, and entertainment. Like in any type of social contract, we exchange the privacy of our personal data for access to the digital version of real-life interactions. And that’s fine! But that’s not the only way things can be done digitally nowadays!

Centralization started an era that distinct institutions had the power to dictate which piece of information was good to go, or needed to be censored, as it did not comply with either the values or the rules of that specific entity.

This situation rose issues with censorship and manipulation of data, moving further and further away from the collaborative environment that started it all. Time passed even more, and we came to know centralized giants like Facebook, Google and the like.

Being decentralized means that we no longer will be dependent on large-scale, monopolized servers, and in time we’ll see the increase of network capacity, as residual computing power will be put to good use, saving money, time, and making digital tech a sustainable service for all interested parties.

Decentralization reduces the risk for corruption, fraud and malicious manipulation of data. It’s about the equitable use of the energy that comes out of digital processing, of the computing power, the plus value of the digital society we now live in. The blockchain acts as a growing peer-to-peer transaction ledger, available on each node that is part of the larger network.

“SWAZM’s mission is to create an infrastructure that can sustain tens, if not hundreds of millions of users across the globe, with unheard-of data traffic in both quality and quantity, and a working system which can transcend the geographical limitations. All of these have to be executed at an Internet speed the current infrastructure cannot sustain.” (Vali Malinoiu, SWAZM CEO & Founder)

We are working on disrupting the public cloud services, collaborating with like-minded entrepreneurs willing to help decentralize cloud computing, making it more accessible, scalable and cheap for developers and small and medium businesses.

If we look at blockchain as a philosophy, it talks about the direct connection between the members of society, without the mediation of other structures. As in all human history, technology is the trailblazer of social change, pushing humankind forward, to a better and more collaborative environment, all individuals working together for the common good.

Technology is a tool, and it depends on us on how we use it, and thus the results we obtain. Our company’s vision is that it should support creativity, empower us to create a better world, advancing the society that we had growing up. Enthusiasm is usually correlated with young age, and as we are young, so is the blockchain. We envision a world where collaboration is key.

SWAZM Blockchain can bring higher data transfer speed for video, podcasts, video surveillance, and general data streaming, in areas ranging from business, science and reaching the individual user.

Decentralization also means lower costs for developers and their next big idea, making it easier, faster and more sustainable to run the next code that might transform the world we live in. More storage space, higher processing speed, and safer data privacy policies.

We are inviting you to follow along. The story unfolds here, article by article, documenting the build of a digital dream meant to decentralize and facilitate collaboration between us all. SWAZM came to be by looking at blockchain as infrastructure, having the power to sustain global collaboration at a much greater speed. A new internet. That’s what SWAZM Blockchain is all about!

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