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SWAZM Cloud Management

DevOPS free cross-cloud management

Optimize  scale and maintain control over multi-cloud environments for collaboration, security and operations without vendor lock-in


  • Multi-Cloud Visibility

  • Auto Discovery

  • DevOps Automation

  • Web Application Firewall

Compatible with all major clouds and hypervisors

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And any baremetal machine out there 

Save hours orchestrating your compute environment

Your infrastructure across multiple clouds and multiple data centers at the same time seamlessly

Just Productivity

Develop and iterate more rapidly with easy application deployment, updates and rollback and management of your services and applications. 

One Click Scale

Use the SWAZM horizontal scaling capability to add instances of your services as needed across your environments

Simple Portability

Services deployed on SWAZM can run anywhere SWAZM is supported, making it simple to deploy across multiple clouds, on premise or in hybrid environments.

Managed Services

Use SWAZM application marketplace to deploy popular instances of your favourite databases, memory queues, or anything from the docker repository.

High Availability

SWAZM continuously checks the health and the availability of your services and detects and replaces instances that are not responsive.

Cluster Efficiency

SWAZM is aware of your compute, memory and availability each service needs and deploys instances across the resources of your cluster to maximise efficiency.


A fully-featured, production-proven, cross-cloud load balancer that integrates with every major cluster technology

Number of machines List Price Month Promo Year Promo



$0/mo $0/yr
1 to 3



$13/mo $130/yr
3 to 5



$23/mo $230/yr

Custom Price


Project operations made easy and with as few obstacles as possible.

Beta Launch

Get access to developer beta and take part in shaping SWAZM platform