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Data centers

Experience worldwide availability 

Deliver optimal speed and performance to your visitors 


  • 139 Data Centers

  • Optimal Speed

  • Performance

  • Simple Text Table

Web Application Firewall backed by artificial intelligence

Multiple attack detection algorithms which intelligently track down and interprets the malicious requests

Machine learning

Provides a completely different approach to detecting web security threats. When a request has strayed too far from what is considered “normal”, only then  the machine learning flags that request as an anomaly.

Real-time protection

Unique hybrid architecture ideal for cloud deployments and modern tech stacks that allows customers to scale horizontally across multiple nodes and retain control of their data  

Active threat verification

Every hacker attack is detected and replayed in a safe way to to see if there is any security incident after the attack. A payload is extracted and checked for threats.

Choose from a wide range of available locations across public clouds and partners to deliver optimal speed and performance to your visitors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

DONU1New York City, United States
DONU2New York City, United States
DONU3New York City, United States
DOAN1Amsterdam, Netherlands
DOAN2Amsterdam, Netherlands
DOSU1San Francisco, United States
DOSU2San Francisco, United States
DOSU2San Francisco, United States
DOSA1Singapore, Asia
DOLU1London, United Kingdom
DOFG1Frankfurt, Germany
DOTC1Toronto, Canada
DOBI1Bangalore, India
VUSS1Singapore, Singapore
VUNU1New Jersey, United States
VUCU1Chicago, United States
VUDU1Dallas, United States
VUSU1Seattle, United States
VUSU1Silicon Valley, United States
VULU1Los Angeles, United States
VUAU1Atlanta, United States
VUMU1Miami, United States
VUAN1Amsterdam, Netherlands
VULU1London, United Kingdom
VUFG1Frankfurt, Germany
VUSA1Sydney, Australia
VUTC1Toronto, Canada
VUPF1Paris, France
VUTJ1Tokyo, Japan
AZHA1Hong Kong, East Asia
AZSS1Singapore, Southeast Asia
AZCA1Canberra, Australia Central
AZCA2Canberra, Australia Central
AZNA1New South Wales, Australia
AZVA1Victoria, Australia Southeast
AZSC1Shanghai, China East
AZBC1 Beijing, China North
AZSC1 Shanghai, China East
AZBC1 Beijing, China North
AZPI1 Pune, Central India
AZCI1 Chennai, South India
AZMI1 Mumbai, West India
AZTJ1 Saitama, Tokyo, Japan East
AZOJ1 Osaka, Japan West
AZSK1 Seoul, Korea Central
AZBK1 Busan, Korea South
AZIC1 Iowa, Central US
AZVE1 Virginia, East US
AZVE2 Virginia, East US
AZIU1 Illinois, North Central US
AZTU1 Texas, South Central US
AZWU1 Washington, West US
AZWU1 Wyoming, West Central US
AZCU1 California, West US
AZTC1 Toronto, Canada Central
AZQC1 Quebec City, Canada East
AZSB1 Sao Paulo State, Brazil South
AZIE1 Ireland, North Europe
AZWE1 Netherlands, West Europe
AZPF1 Paris, France Central
AZMF1 Marseille, France South
AZLU1 London, UK South
AZCU1 Cardiff, UK West
AZFG1 Frankfurt, Germany Central
AZMG1 Magdeburg, Germany
AZFG1 Frankfurt, Germany
AZBG1 Berlin, Germany North
AZZS1 Zurich, Switzerland North
AZGS1 Geneva, Switzerland West
AZSN1 Stavanger, Norway West
AZON1 Oslo, Norway East
AZJA1 Johannesburg, South Africa
AZCA1 Cape Town, South Africa
AZAU1 Abu Dhabi, UAE Central
AZDU1 Dubai, UAE North
AZDQ1 Doha, Qatar Central
AWVU1 Virginia, US East
AWOU1 Ohio, US East
AWOU1 Oregon, US West
AWNU1Northern California, US                 
AWCC1 Canada Central
AWAV1 Ashburn, Vancouver
AWAU1 Atlanta GA, US
AWBU1 Boston, MA, US
AWCU1 Chicago, IL, US
AWDU1 Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, US
AWDU1 Denver, CO, US
AWHC1 Hayward, California
AWHU1 Hillsboro, OR, US
AWHU1 Houston, TX, US
AWJU1 Jacksonville, FL, US
AWLC1 Los Angeles, California
AWMU1 Miami, FL, US
AWMU1 Minneapolis, MN, US
AWMQMontreal, Quebec
AWNU1 Newark, NJ, US
AWPU1 Palo Alto, California
AWPU1 Phoenix, AZ, US
AWPU1 Philadelphia, PA, US
AWSU1  San Jose, US
AWSU1 South Bend, IN, US
AWTU1 Toronto, ON, US
AWSB1 Sao Paulo, Brazil
AWSB2 Sao Paulo, Brazil
AWRB1 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
AWBC1 Bogota, Colombia
AWSC1 Santiago, Chile
AWAA1 Aires, Argentina
AWLU1 London, United Kingdom
AWSE1 Stockholm, Sweden
AWFE1 Frankfurt, Germany
AWFE1 Paris, France
AWBM1 Bahrain, Middle East
AWAN1 Amsterdam,  Netherlands
AWBG1 Berlin, Germany
AWBB1 Brussels, Belgium
AWCA1 Cape Town, South Africa
AWCD1 Copenhagen, Denmark
AWDU1 Dubai, UAE
AWDI1 Dublin, Ireland
AWFG1 Frankfurt, Germany
AWFU1 Fujairah, UAE
AWHF1 Helsinki, Finland
AWJA1 Johannesburg, South Africa
AWLU1 London, United Kingdom
AWMS1 Madrid, Spain
AWME1 Manchester, England
AWMF1 Marseille, France
AWMY1 Milan, Italy
AWMG1 Munich, Germany
AWON1 Oslo, Norway
AWPI1 Palermo, Italy
AWPF1 Paris, France
AWPC1 Prague, Czech Republic
AWRI1 Rome, Italy
AWSS1 Stockholm, Sweden
AWVA1 Vienna, Austria
AWWP1 Warsaw, Poland
AWZS1 Zurich, Switzerland
AWTI1 Tel Aviv, Israel
AWBC1 Beijing, China
AWSA1 Sydney, Australia
AWTJ1 Tokyo, Japan
AWSS1 Seoul, South Korea
AWNC1 Ningxia, China
AWOJ1 Osaka, Japan
AWMI1 Mumbai. India
AWHC1 Hong Kong, China
AWBI1 Bangalore, India
AWCI1 Chennai, India
AWBC1 Beijing, China
AWSC1 Shanghai, China
AWNC1 Ningxia, China
AWSC1 Shenzhen, China
AWHC1 Hong Kong SAR, China
AWHI1 Hyderabad, India
AWKM1 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
AWMP1 Manila, The Philippines
AWMA1 Melbourne, Australia
AWMI1 Mumbai, India
AWNI1 New Delhi, India
AWOJ1 Osaka, Japan
AWPA1 Perth, Australia
AWSK1 Seoul, Korea
AWSI1 Singapore
AWSA1 Sydney, Australia
AWTT1 Taipei, Taiwan
AWTJ1 Tokyo, Japan
GCBC1 Berkeley, South Carolina
GCBI1 Council Bluffs, Iowa
GCDG1 Douglas County, Georgia
GCJA1 Jackson County, Alabama
GCLC1 Lenoir, North Carolina
GCMO1 Mayes County, Oklahoma
GCMT1 Montgomery, Tennessee
GCQC1 Quilicura, Chile
GCDO1 The Dalles, Oregon
GCCT1 Changhua, Taiwan
GCSI1 Singapore
GCDI1 Dublin, Ireland
GCEN1 Eemshaven, Netherlands
GCFD1 Fredericia, Denmark
GCHF1 Hamina, Finland
GCGB1 St Ghislain, Belgium

Easy network management

A wide variety of powerful tools to effectively monitor and manage networks 

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