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Future Banking 2019

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The financial industry is being dramatically transformed by technology and banks are under heavy stress to keep up the pace with FinTechs, on one side, and BigTechs on another side. Thus, traditional banks have to choices: embracing digital disruption or going the way of the dinosaurs.

Moreover, incumbent banks have to compete in a world that is mobile first and soon to be dominated by BigTechs, especially Internet platform-based conglomerates (Facebook, Ant Financial, Tencent or Google).

However, banks could find solutions to become faster, smarter and more efficient. Likewise, FinTechs have two choices: to befriend banks or to become their foes.

Come to Future Banking and meet with investors, bankers and startup founders who can help you accelerate your business.

At Future Banking Fire Pitch you will have 5 minutes to present your solution and convince members of the jury to help you build your business. Become the next big thing in the financial ecosystem.

Join us today and pitch on 14-15 May!

Date & Time

May 14, 2019

Start - 8:30 AM Wednesday

May 15, 2019

End - 3:30 PM Europe/Bucharest

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