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UPGRADE 100 Floors Elevator Pitch

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The ICEE.fest UPGRADE 100 Floors Elevators Pitch competition has nominated the finalists.  On stage at UPGRADE 100 we will have 14 startups that will present 200 seconds for the chance to win 50,000 euros in convertible note from GapMinder.

The UPGRADE 100 Floors Elevators Pitch competition takes place on Friday, June 14, from 7pm on Upgrade Scene 2 of the UPGRADE 100, at the end of the two days of the festival.

The selection jury initially chose 15 startups, but one of the selected ones withdrew from the competition for logistical reasons. The startups participating in the final are either experienced or just starting out, from fields such as fintech, SaaS, blockchain, logistics, proptech, healthtech or robotic process automation.

Here are the 14 startups selected

DocBook is a marketplace for doctors, where you can find a specialist for your problem in record time. They have 3,500 doctors on the platform, 40,000 installs and it is available in 300 places in Romania.

Mission Critical is an automated robotic processing startup that offers automation services for repetitive tasks and has applications for the hotel industry, where they have implemented solutions for managing national ID cards and personal documents, but also for SAP and Oracle.

Monday is a platform where health experts, nutritionists, personal trainers and ambassadors for a healthy lifestyle are connected. Founders include Mikael Fredholm, former CEO of World Class Romania.

Swazm is a blockchain platform that enables an efficient decentralization by creating a new infrastructure through which you can move storage to a blockchain server.

Fagura is a microcredit startup in the Republic of Moldova which also has a peer to peer lending system, through which you can borrow from other users of the platform or you can lend them.

ialoc is a platform where you can book a meal in the city at restaurants. It allows reservations in over 2,000 restaurants in Romania.

Antifragile is a product created to identify dropped or hit packages during courier transport. They have participated in Innovation Labs and EU Startups Summit, and among the founders there is  a former participant from the Startup Your Life entrepreneurship camp.

Wineful is the first service that brings you the wine on a subscription basis. It was founded in 2016 and received investment in 2017 from V7 Capital. In addition to the online service, Wineful has also launched a restaurant in Bucharest.

Finplay is a mobile application that wants to make financial education for children through games. They can learn how to make a budget, how to manage it, etc. Finplay won Startup Weekend Fintech Edition this year.

R-Create is a solution especially created for online merchants through which they can use a reusable bag that will be distributed to customers and it will reduce costs, but also the impact on the environment.

Credimag is a marketplace that operates on a credit basis. Basically, any product can be bought in installments, but in the future it will be a marketplace of peer to peer lending.

Okaya is a digital platform that uses games and relaxation methods to deal with burnout, an increasingly serious problem worldwide.

Bright Spaces is a proptech platform designed to facilitate the renting and management of spaces in commercial buildings, mall type.

Beez is a cashback platform that allows you to shop from online stores and then receive an amount back from the affiliate commission received by Beez. Beez also wants to develop credit and online payment methods.

Date & Time

June 13, 2019

11:00 AM 7:30 PM Europe/Bucharest

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