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Free credits for demos and keynotes

We provide credits for anyone who delivers a tech talk or a live demo to power their presentation


  • Infrastructure credits

  • Hosting Experience

  • Prioritized Support

  • Event Resources


Receive free infrastructure credits

Access to a fully-fledged management toolset that helps you build, present and manage applications

How can I apply?

Start the process by filling out the application form one week in advance. After that, a member from our staff will contact you directly with further details as per your eligibility.  Once accepted, you will have access to the entire toolset, and be able to build, manage and present your project.

Default SWAZM Usage

Default SWAZM Usage

When do I receive the credits?

After your application is validated, within 2-3 days you will receive an email stating that your account was credited with SWAZM credits. From that point, you can start to use the infrastructure to power-up your tech talk or bring your demo to life. 


Once part of the program, you are expected to give attribution to SWAZM for the infrastructure. Growing is hard, but it becomes easy through collaboration. We are here to help you scale the project. In return, we ask you to include a SWAZM reference as to how our infrastructure helped you.

Default SWAZM Usage

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