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Free credits for startups

The program that empowers your startup to grow with the same tools that we used to build SWAZM


  • Infrastructure Credits

  • Mentoring

  • Community

  • Prioritized Support


Focus on growing, we take care of the rest

We designed a complete set of features that will take your startup to new heights

SWAZM Credits

Receive infrastructure credits to develop, scale and deploy your applications within our platform.


Valuable feedback, ideas, and comprehensive answers to the most known startup challenges.


Be part of  SWAZM's extensive development and business community, and receive support.


Participate in industry-leading events, network for success, while you position yourself as an expert.


Access a custom training library, learn how to scale your startup, and achieve your business goals.

Prioritized Support

As part of the program, your support tickets are prioritized, answered promptly,  accurately.

Advance your startup to new heights

Fuel the growth of your startup, and gain valuable insights on how to turn your idea into a product

SWAZM Academy

It is true that you can start a tech startup with any level of technical proficiency but no matter how groundbreaking your startup idea is, you won't be able to get it off the ground if you don't possess the necessary skills. SWAZM Academy is the go-to place to skyrocket your technical and marketing skills to build and grow your startup.

Default SWAZM Usage

Default SWAZM Usage

SWAZM Community

As a startup founder, insights from within your industry are always important. Through the community, you find out about proven growth hacking methods that worked for others and receive valuable information in order to make an informed decision regarding the direction of your startup and the steps you need to take to scale from where you are now.

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