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Dynamic Load Balancer

Your routes cross-cloud

Run secure, scalable applications, without vendor lock-in on any infrastructure


  • Auto Discovery

  • Middlewares

  • Canary Deployments

  • SSL

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Cross-cloud capabilities to scale your project

A fully-featured, production ready, cross-cloud load balancer that integrates with every major cluster technology

Auto Discovery

Find services in your network, using a service discovery logic that queries the service registry and routes each request to an available service instance.


Monitor each request made between service, microservices within the network, and see insights that allow to optimize operations within any application.


Aggregate your data for a specified amount of time, and return accurate descriptions of system usage. Retrieve statistics about data points and  metrics. 


Be able to set up a secure certificate for your service, have it automatically obtain a browser-trusted certificate, without any human intervention needed.


A means of adapting load balancing decisions based on application request traits, content and duration, as middleware-based load balancing does.

Canary Deployments

Minimize downtime when  rolling out releases to production without the worry on how the changes impact the workload/UX. 

Web Application Firewall backed by artificial intelligence

Multiple attack detection algorithms which intelligently track down and interprets the malicious requests

Machine learning

Provides a completely different approach to detecting web security threats. When a request has strayed too far from what is considered “normal”, only then  the machine learning flags that request as an anomaly.

Real-time protection

Unique hybrid architecture ideal for cloud deployments and modern tech stacks that allows customers to scale horizontally across multiple nodes and retain control of their data 

Active threat verification

Every hacker attack is detected and replayed in a safe way to to see if there is any security incident after the attack. A payload is extracted and checked for threats.

Service dashboard overview

Complete overview of your services, throughput and error messages

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