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We truly believe that with the right partners, any idea can reach its best potential

Because we understand the stages a startup goes through from inception to profitability. Because we’ve been building SWAZM from the ground up as well. Because we want to help you grow your idea as we did. The startup program addresses new tech business ideas that our hassle-free cloud management platform can help by simplifying the development, deployment and scaling stages..

Default SWAZM Usage

Default SWAZM Usage

Writing for SWAZM aims to support people who create content for our Digital Library database. Once you become one of our community authors, you will receive token credits that can be spent within the entire ecosystem. Use your SWAZM tokens to invest further in our large course database, receiving Certifications that help you improve your abilities and know-how.

As a company with deep roots in the developers community, we want to expand our common knowledge by creating and hosting numerous events that put the best talent in software to work. The kind of work that helps grow the knowledge base, providing important insight into the latest trends, cloud and blockchain computing best practices, and much more. We’ve been doing this for a long time, now we’re just evolving. Dare to evolve with us? Come be part of the SWAZM!

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