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Swazm Referral Program

Turn happy customers into brand advocates

We want people to tell both their friends and people they know about how awesome SWAZM is. The aim is to support anyone delivering a tech talk or live demo at a meetup or conference. To provide access to a free infrastructure credits that powers their presentation. 

We developed a Customer Affiliation Program where any of our customers can invite a fellow developer or a business owner by giving them a referral link. Once the reffered person or business starts using SWAZM as well, they both receive a reward for their input. Thus encouraging the build of an intertwined dev community, growing together. 

You are not alone in this! We are building this community together. Each of your inputs is valuable, so we are counting on our users to bring even more people within the SWAZM ecosystem. Growing the knowledge base while we evolve into a confident and expert dev community, ready to sustain any trailblazing project, be it cloud, blockchain or other.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

We are very proud to grow alongside you and to see the progress you make in your own journey. As each community member reffers new people into the ecosystem, it enhances both the knowledge database, the overall SEO reach, and the authority in the dev world. A deeply connected and knowledgeable group, in constant expansion.

The system allows you to recommend the platform to somebody else. (technicallities?) Once you reffer SWAZM to a person, the system keeps in mind your contribution, rewarding you whenerver the reffered individual chooses us as their baseline platform. 

We encourage the continuous build of our community, and reward its members for contributing to the process. The more people you recommend, the more rewards you get to receive within the system. Thought as a self-sufficient ecosystem, all the members add their input, be it either as knowledge or teaching, the people that help grow SWAZM are therefore “hand-picked” by other community members through our refferal system.