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Teach And Be Taught

Share your knowledge and receive free credits

We reward talented developers for creating educational content that will grow the community


  • Infrastructure Credits

  • Community Access

  • Content Authorship

  • Industry Recognition


Inspire the community, and make a global impact

Use your experience to build a knowledge-base with tech content

Infrastructure credits

We encourage all developers to create content in the form of educational materials such as video courses, articles, tutorials or how-to guides, for which they will receive in return infrastructure credits. An  infrastructure, that streamlines your project and makes everything incredibly easy to deploy monitor and manage.

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The Community

Since technology is constantly changing, the consumption of information in tech communities is very high. To turn your technological vision into a product, you need access to the people who have already done it and learn from their mistakes and their successes. The community gathers both people who want to learn and people who want to teach.

Community Author

Embrace this exciting opportunity to mentor people from the tech community worldwide. Start to motivate and provide guidance to aspiring learners while you gain valuable leadership experience and people skills. Enhance your teaching abilities and be acknowledged as an industry expert while creating meaningful relationships with people from around the world. 

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