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Come and meet our superhero team!

The people behind the cloud computing and blockchain revolution

Company team

Vali Mălinoiu

Founder and CEO

Vali has over 10 years’ experience working in distributed systems, started with Bittorent and then moved to build blockchain infrastructures. He is a polyglot and a self-described poly-paradigm software engineer and believes in the concept `the right tool for the right job`

Company team

Bogdan Ghelmegeanu


With more than 10 years of experience, Bogdan oversees worldwide marketing operations focused on advertising, internet presence and lead generation.

Company team

Mădălina Mincă

Head of Human Resources

Five years of experience in operational and business management working in growing and dynamic companies.

Company team

Raluca Aldea

HR & Communication Executive

Self-driven individual who aims for outstanding results and with experience in mastering liaisons between employees. A people-oriented person having a problem-solving mindset, always ready to offer support to her fellow colleagues with a jolly smile.

Company team

Adriana Valman

Project Manager

Ada is a passionate PM. With a holistic mind, a good technical background and a hands-on approach to resolving issues she is able to structure projects so that they are optimized around a client's specific needs.

Company team

Gabriel Zugrăvescu

Lead Designer

Gabriel is a multidisciplinary designer and illustrator, who loves to draw for as long as he can remember. Now he is a visual artist & image-maker who explores color, expression & visual languages, and it's creating strong visual content.

Company team

Mihai Stănușoiu

Full-Stack Developer

Junior full-stack developer focused on highly-scalable architectures. Eager to work on innovative solutions in emerging markets using cutting edge technologies.

Company team

Eduard Nedelcescu

Full-Stack Developer

A full-stack developer with a passion for clean efficient code and a focus on modularity, maintainability, and scalability, Eduard is a team player with an eye for identifying and solving problems.

Company team

Silviu Vâlsan

Mobile Developer

Mobile developer focused on providing complex applications with intuitive feeling UI. Working with the latest technologies and aiming towards innovation

Company team

Vlăduț-Ionuț Popa

Frontend Developer

Vlad is an IT enthusiast with experience in multiple areas of Technology. He is very passionate about challenges and hackathons and that's why he participates in a lot of IT events. Focus is one of his main weapons among other tools like wisdom and creativity.

Company team

Cristian Tălpeanu

QA Tester

A results-driven Software Tester, with a desire to find flaws in order to make the life of all users easier and more comfortable. Responsible for designing test scenarios for software usability, running them, and preparing reports to the dev team.